Why Choose Us?

Macworks has built its reputation on a commitment to providing quality service while offering a turn around time of 24 – 48 hours

We provide fast, reliable service at affordable prices, and we’ll fix your Apple Device. We offer the fastest turn around time in the industry for Mac repairs and services.

Logic Board Repairs

why replace when you can repair? 80% of logic boards can be repaired without being replaced at the fraction of the price.

Cracked Displays On All Apple Devices

Full assembly replacements
LCD replacements – request a quote now.

Liquid Damage On Devices

Spilt coffee, beer , your kids juice on your laptop ? No worries bring it in to MacWorks and have our qualified technicians diagnose it free of charge.

Software and Hardware Installations

Faster, bigger hard drive or a speedy Solid State Drive (SSD), more memory (RAM). Latest version of Mac OS X.
An ‘All of the above’ approach can make your old Mac feel like new again and often costs around 1/3 of the price of a brand new equivalent. With only an hourly rate of R430 we can upgrade yours.

Flexi Cable Replacements

Flexi Cable replacements from 15 minutes turnaround time.

Battery and Trackpad Replacements

Quality Macbook Batteries – Replaced within 2 hours
Batteries are designed to hold up to 80% of it’s original capacity. To check your battery
health, simply come by and we’ll check that for you free of charge
All our MacBook batteries include a 3 month warranty and are replaced within 2 hours
(subject to availability)

Data Recovery

Affordable mac data recovery experts, specialised in all kind of mac storage devices including mac laptops other media storages.
We provide safe and professional data recovery solutions in Johannesburg with fast turnaround times.

Free Fault Diagnosis

Free Diagnostics and Fault Identification